11/21/22: Rebranded the site, which was renamed from Doll Magic to... Roselle! I decided to make it more personal and not just doll-related. Updated the About seciton.

8/6/22: Emma (Carpatina, with sleep eyes) has been added to my collection!

7/30/22: Fixed up the Dolls page with tables, so each section's text is better contained. Customized the Not Found page. It's simple but Dolls (1987) is, unsurprisingly, one of my favorite movies. I was also accepted into the Self-Insert Webring and have no shame.

7/25/22: Posted The Beautiful Lie of Nostalgia to Writing.

7/22/22: Partially completed the Dolls page, along with the About and Links pages.

4/26/22: Hosted site on Neocities.