The Tale of the Entity Who Lived in a Washing Machine

Sally and her parents moved into a house that seemed to be miles away from civilization. Without friends, Sally was bored and wandered the fields in hopes of finding something interesting—and she did.

A washing machine.

Sally approached it and a scream caught in her throat. A ghostly white face had manifested behind the glass of the round door, which then opened!

"Hello!" a voice in the washing machine said. "Your soul appears to be unclean. May I wash it for you?"

Sally wanted to run, but she couldn't move. She was transfixed.

"I promise it won't hurt," the voice said. "Just one wash, and you'll be in Heaven."

Sally's parents talked about going to Heaven a lot. Maybe she didn't have to wait until she died.

"Okay," Sally said, and climbed into the washing machine.