The Beautiful Lie of Nostalgia: The rise of "Old Web" nostalgia and my take on it.

Short Stories

Tooth and Claw
Summary: A would’ve-been queen who fled her kingdom, Elenor finds her true home in the infamous Wildlands, where she becomes a witch and lives with her coven. Unfortunately, she realizes no witch is as free as she thought, but when she meets and works with a feared outsider, she is determined to change that and take on the oldest of gods.
Content warnings: blood, death, dry-heaving, rape (mention)


We Are the Dark
Fandom: Are You Afraid of the Dark? (TV 2019)
Summary: Layla Vitale has always struggled to fit in, even among the Midnight Society. She's never exactly felt human, and she connects with the dark rather than fears it. But she hasn't told her friends her secrets, especially the fact that she shares a connection with the Shadowman.
Content warnings: New Age cult

Tales from the Strange Storybook

Super-short stories written by me that were inspired by strange AI-generated storybook artwork.

The Tale of Walter the Dragon

The Tale of the Entity Who Lived in a Washing Machine