Just Magic Dolls: As a teenager, I was obsessed with this site. It was one of my favorites to visit on a daily basis. I loved learning about dolls and looking at photos of them living their best imaginary lives. Unfortunately it hasn't been updated in a long time, and the new site, Dollation, doesn't seem to be working anymore, but at least the old site is still running.

Web Crafting

Templaterr: Free static site templates!

CodePen: Work on your site and preview changes in realtime.

Cupcake Ipsum: Delicious auto-generated text to temporarily fill the space on your site as you work on it.


GifCities: Search for GIFs that were used on Geocities sites.

Bonnibel's Graphic Collection: Cute pixel GIFs to use on your site.

Gateways to Other Worlds