Hi, I'm Roselle. I'm a writer, a doll collector, and an AI art curator.

I write short stories in the genres of fantasy, science fiction, and horror, but I don't plan on becoming a published author since I'm happy with writing as a hobby, not a career. Here is my Writeblr. I also write fanfiction, and my fandoms are Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Living Dead Dolls, Ghost Files, Fran Bow, Eerie Indiana, and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

I collect mostly 18-inch vinyl dolls, and I dedicated a space to them here. My official doll-collecting journey began in December 2021, starting with Living Dead Dolls, but I became especially interested in lesser-known dolls from the '90s, such as Just Pretend and Magic Attic Club. In a way, I am reliving my childhood since I didn't get to have these dolls as a kid.

I discovered AI-generated art in October 2022, and it was like finding out magic is real. I have an AI art blog. Please note that I have no intentions of selling my work. This is just a creative outlet for me. I'm also part of an ethics-focused AI art Discord server. Check it out.